Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I just realized that September 11th came and went yesterday without my noticing. I never ever thought the day would come that I would forget one of the scariest days in my life. I guess it just goes to show that time goes on and even unforgettable tragedies fade into the past and are forgotten. Still today my heart goes out to those who lost on that day and will never be able to forget the day as I have. I really yearn for peace in this world, although it's mostly for selfish reasons... to bring Brian back and keep Ben from going. Here's to not forgetting, but also to not having to vividly remember anymore.


melissa said...

a good essay on the topic is "leaping" by brian doyle. it's in the book called "leaping," and it's really appropriate (because, i mean, how do you write about that??). i'll actually mail it to you if you can't find it because i own the book.