Thursday, October 11, 2007

true story

Today Benson, Banks and I enjoyed another lovely 80 degree day here in Albuquerque. Although I am itching to get out my winter clothes, I really don't feel too bad about the perfect weather we seem to be enjoying. Anyway, Benson was playing in his pirate ship when all of a sudden he started screaming and half crying. Here is what followed:

Benson: (after loud and girlie screaming) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MOMMY!!
Me: Did you just say, "run for your life?" (clearly not as concerned as I should be about the near-hysterical two year old as I should be, more wondering where he learned this phrase)
Me: What is the matter Benson? (he is crying on my lap at this point)
Benson: There was a HUGE potato bug, mommy. IT IS GOING TO GET US, MOMMY. Oh wait, (the crying stops) I forgot mommy. It's okay, this potato bug was a nice little guy. We're friends.

Sometimes he is so needlessly dramatic. I love it and I have NO idea where he could have gotten it from...


Pam said...

Your killing me...oh how I love that little man. How adorable can two little boys get? I love it!!!!! them!!!!!!!

Megan said...

Oh, that is SO great! I LOVE IT! "Run for your life!" Classic. That is going to make me smile for a long time.

melissa said...

ha. what a fantastic story.

to respond in kind: there is a box elder bug in my room. nate told me a story about a college-aged young man from alaska who is unfamiliar with the ubiquitous insect. he saw one on his desk today and asked, "what ARE these bugs? they're everywhere!" to which nate responded "they're box elder bugs." the foreigner said, "are they friendly?" to which nate responded "yes." the foreigner then allowed said but to crawl on his fingers. (true, it's not a tenth as cute as benson's story, but it's amusing, and sometimes that's all we can ask for at our age.)

Caity said...

Kids are just the funniest people ever! Benson and Banks are the best! Emma is huge into monsters (thanks mom) and is always running from them. You need to live by us so they can be dramatic together!

Randy said...

The Drama Queen begets a Drama Prince. Nice.

Anonymous said...

So funny! That Benson is so darn cute!

I am glad they ended up being friends in the end. :)