Friday, March 7, 2008

facts about banks

Banks does not like popsicles

He loves to be mischievous with toilet paper

Look at this face! He's in heaven!

And finally, he LOVES his blankie. Thank you Great Grandma.


Anonymous said...

Aww...all of those faces he is making are so cute. I love the t.p. one. I guess he really is in heaven with a simple role of toilet paper. How nice of him to keep Benson company! Kids....what fun! Can't wait to go camping with you guys...I have never camped with kids should be some fun!

Anonymous said...

by the way what is the date that you guys are planning on for the camping thing?

Stephanie said...

and another fact: he has some awesome facial expressions!

Caity said...

Banks is the cutest baby in the ENTIRE world!

melissa said...

late comment: after about eight times looking at these pictures i realized he's sucking on his fingers. i used to do that. and i loved my blankie.