Monday, September 21, 2009

apple pickin we will go

apple orchard-7

apple orchard-6

apple orchard-5

apple orchard-3

apple orchard-4

apple orchard-2

apple orchard

I have the most romantic dreams about life. Frolicking through the apple orchard is definitely a part of those dreams. And I have to say, it was every bit as lovely as I had imagined. Perfect weather, crunchy apples to fill our tummies, climbing trees the way boys should... it was all very perfect. It was not perfect to have to drive an hour and then wait an extra half hour in the car with cranky boys just to get into the parking lot, but definitely worth it. I still want to pick blueberries, Michigan family, and one of those days I'm going to do it. Right after reading Blueberries For Sal, the best children's book ever.


melissa said...

woo hoo we did the same thing this weekend! except (not to rub it in) i didn't have to drive anywhere with any cranky people because the apples are all in my in-laws yard. but woo hoo! i also didn't get to do it with any cute children, though, so i guess we're even.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are dreamy too! You boys are becoming more and more photogenic. I love that Banks is wearing spenders too! Way cute guys!!! Miss you. I hope you are not feeling too icky!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pictures and what fun! I truly missed picking blueberries this year. I LOVED it! Enjoy your apples, they look so good!

Emmy said...

How wonderfully awesome!
And your pictures are amazing as usual.

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Delicious, my dear.

Caity said...

I love the pictures! They look like a boys wonderland! We went blueberry picking with Emma's class the other week and then in a couple of weeks we're going apple picking! I agree, fruit picking is a huge part when I imagine a perfect life. Sigh... someday we'll have that farm.