Monday, May 24, 2010

carry on



We are in full swing family-of-five-mode now. It's pretty crazy to be mom to three boys, and that is noted pretty much wherever we go. I get a lot of "you don't look old enough to have 3 kids!" which is funny because I'm never sure what to say... I'm really not old enough I suppose!

Roman has started to sleep more *hooRAY* so neglected hobbies are beginning to resurface and find a place in the daily schedule. Knitted blankets will be finished, and dresses will be sewn. Ben bought a peony plant for me this weekend and I planted it right outside my dining room window so I can look at it 1.5 million times a day. I love it so much I want to marry it. Seriously my heart is actually swelling right now just thinking about it. And a friend divided her irises and gave me a bunch so now I'm going to have a forest of irises. I'm stooooked. I can't wait to be a master gardener so I don't kill all my plants.

Anyway life is good and having a newborn (and two other kids) is craaazy. But at least Benson never ever tires of holding and loving Roman, so it's nice to have help. And it's about the sweetest thing in the world to watch big brother bounce and shush baby brother to soothe his cries.

Friday, May 14, 2010

sleepy time




By the looks of our last few imports, you'd think we are getting a lot of sleep around here. Well one of is:


and he is one month old today. Happy 1 month little Roman noodle. Time is flying.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

dear carson daly,

Thank you so much for having a show in the wee hours of the morning. I don't know how in the world there are enough people to watch at that hour to justify production costs and your salary, but the 3 minutes I caught last night were amazing and sounded like this (click on the "walls are coming down"):

I love this song and it's my new favorite for now. So thanks for having them on so I could hear it and put it on repeat during dish washing time today. Hearing the song definitely made my 1 am date with this guy all the more enjoyable.



Yes, he likes to sleep during the day and not so much at night. Thanks so much for asking, Carson.

Your Newest Fan,

Ps. Do you still paint your nail(s) black? Last time I saw you you were dating Christina Aguilerra and paintin the nails. Just wondering.

PPs. Did you know I have other children beside this little baby? I do! And they are still cute but harder to photograph. Soon I'll stop posting pictures of just the baby and put their mugs back on le blog. Soon.

PPPs. DID you also know that blogger automatically saves your posts as drafts? HOW COOL IS THAT? A person like you may never know the joy of this feature, but as my children pushed the off button on the power cord seconds ago and I thought I'd never see this post again, people like me are pleasantly surprised that just like magic the unpublished post lives on!