Monday, August 15, 2011

to michigan, to michigan, to play at the beach

happy face

beach boys

sand dance




at the top of the dunes
at the top of sleeping bear dunes

sleeping bear dunes
this was actually banks' best shot, believe it or not

the descent
the best part of the dunes: running down at top speed!

We returned from our trip to Michigan on Saturday. It was a blissful two weeks of picture perfect summer.

Lots of frog catching, salamander hunts, BEACH, walks through the forest, cousins, ice cream, fireflies, marshmallow roasting, and all around fun. And all of that sandwiched between lots and lots of driving. Ben and I even got away alone on a little side trip to check out residencies. Perfect.

We miss it already but it's good to be back home in our own beds. Benson starts school tomorrow and Ben on Monday. Crazy!