Tuesday, March 22, 2011

magical kingdom

Ah. Again I have neglected this poor little bloggy. I've found it harder and harder to make time to record my thoughts lately.

We spent a little time in California a few weeks ago... it was so nice to escape winter for a while. Although I should really put winter in quotes, as we live in new mexico and find 40 degrees nearly unbearable, but still. It was 70 and sunny in california and very much appreciated.

I kind of can't believe how different our trip was this year from last. I really can't even put my finger on what was so different (besides the extra child outside me, instead of inside), but for sure one of the main differences is that we took the kids on Autopia, and then spent many many hours riding the "Topsy Cars" as Banks named them.

Also new this year (for us) was the Tower of Terror, which Benson was dragged on 4 times by his parents. He only had one nightmare about it though! On the same night I did!

Nothing to say about this one, except I love this picture of Roman.

And this picture is to prove that Ben was there!

*post script edit: um, obviously ben was there, he is in the picture above. that's what i get for working in html mode with a tired brain.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one by one the penguins steal my sanity


I was only about four in when I realized this was a very bad idea. And somehow my exact cross-eyed, dazed look was translated onto the face of each little penguin.

They did elicit cheers from 70 kindergartners this morning when I delivered them, however, so perhaps they were worth it.

post edit: instructions here, and mine look different because I used milk chocolate and giant gumdrops for the heads because those strawberry puffs don't exist in New Mexico. And also because I had a little "helper" sitting on my lap for most of it.