Sunday, March 30, 2008


We don't have many pictures of us together because we don't have anyone to take them for us. Luckily Ben is getting handy with the timer on our camera so we can get a few family pictures. This will be our Easter 2008 picture eventually when we forget that we actually took it the week after. I love boys in ties.

look how far we've come

Banks on his original birthday, a little less than 3 lbs 14 oz

First birthday, in his new forward facing car seat.

I wish I had a picture of Banks in his original "car bed" to compare to this one of him in his big boy car seat. Everyone has told us that this year has gone by so fast. But for me I think of every little milestone and what it has taken to get where we are and I barely remember having a baby that could fit in our hands. Since his original stay in the NICU Banks has grown bigger, and learned so much that he has gone from being not off the charts developmentally to a normal, giggling, shouting little 1 year old. It was hard to get him here, but now that he is, you would never know that he started this life too small to be in a regular car seat. We all love our little Banksy so much and I can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday little baby. You are a miracle.

birthday boy

yummy sailboat cake. thanks martha.

he got a bubble blower for the bathtub.

this is what our car rides are always like now. lots of screaming. now it will be even louder because banks is facing forward.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

money shmoney

Today I took Benson out for a mini date to the library and to Walmart for ice cream. While we were deliberating about what kind of ice cream to get I said to him, "I think I want some candy bar ice cream. Does that sound good?" And he said, "No, Mommy, it's too expensive." While this made me giggle quite a bit, I'm a little nervous that I'm ruining the boy. I guess I've said that a lot more than I recall.

Some of my other favorite things about Benson lately are his many opinions. I can put on an outfit now and ask if he likes it and he will give me a definite yes or no, and usually what is good or bad about it. It's so hilarious to hear his thoughts on it! Ha. He also knows exactly what he likes to listen to on the radio. If there is ever a rapish r&b song he says, "I like this one!" and if I try to turn the station he will make me turn it back. Some of his favorites are "the Soldier Boy" song and the "Uh Oh" song (I don't know what they are called). I think I'm going to have to blame this one on Uncle Steve. It must be in his blood.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I put the boys' hair into mohawks in the bathtub the other day and Benson has been asking for mohawks ever since. I just thought I should warn all of you that if you start to see mohawks in upcoming pictures it's because Benson thinks they are really cool.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Benson collecting eggs in the sea of rocks called our backyard

Banks was so excited this is the only time he sat still long enough for a picture

Benson pretty much lived on cloud 9 yesterday. He got to dye eggs, then take a 20 minute nap only to wake up and discover that the Easter Bunny had left him a basket full of candy eggs and also hid eggs all over the yard. He was seriously so excited. These are sadly the only pictures we have from the event, but we have some lovely video footage of it all. We need a live-in camera crew, I swear. Anyway then today after church we let the chickens into their new yard to hang out for a while and enjoy the sun. Both the children and the chickens thought it was great.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

while we are being domestic...

we should try this recipe for homemade pitas. Actually I already made them for dinner with hummus and chicken salad. They are super easy and sooo much better than the store-bought ones.

Ps. I forgot to mention that if you have kids you should definitely have them watch the pitas in the oven. Actually husbands should watch too. And don't miss out on the action yourself. It's pretty cool.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

st. patty's day

This isn't a very good picture of our feast, but rest assured that it is 100% green. We had pasta with spinach pesto, green jello, salad, and even green bread. It was fun to try and explain to Benson how cool it was to have a totally green dinner. I think he'll think it's neater next year.

Monday, March 17, 2008

egg hunting

This is least scary smile of 10 photos. The crooked smile has taken a turn for the worse.

On Saturday the NMNG had an easter party. Benson had lots of fun playing games to get prizes and most of all EGG HUNTING. He really thought it was the best day of his life, I think. And wouldn't you know that of the hundreds of eggs they put out only 2 dozen were real hard boiled eggs (the rest being plastic and filled with candy) and we are pretty sure Benson got them all. There was not a single candy filled egg in his basket. His parents were a little saddened by this but he was happy as could be.

everyone is my best

I actually had this conversation with Benson last night. I even wrote it down right after so it's pretty much word for word.

Benson: I like you. I like Daddy too. I just love everybody because they are all my best. Frampa is my best collecting the eggs from the chickens and that big rooster guy. Nana is my best painting and sewing and eating all kinds of cereal. Oh and my best playing all kinds of things. Grammy is my best reading books on that tv.

I'm not sure where all that came from but it made me laugh pretty hard. You should seriously see his Nana's cabinet. She really does have every kind of cereal.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

and they're off, well in

... the plants I mean. Gardening season is upon us and despite my failed attempts in years previous we are again venturing to coax something to grow into edibility. This year we have planted (so far): brussels sprouts, romaine lettuce, rainbow mix carrots, broccoli, and sugar snap peas. Keep your fingers crossed that despite their very bleak surroundings (ie the desert in which I live) they will grow into beautiful and happy little plants. Ps. The chickens are eating and pooping us out of house and home but are very happy little girls.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

you are all invited

Jackson Gulch Res at Mancos SP Mancos State Park in Southwestern Colorado is a haven for the year-round outdoor enthusiast and traveler. In the spring, summer and fall, canoeists, kayakers and wakeless power boaters enjoy the calm waters of Jackson Gulch Reservoir. Fishing enthusiasts have pulled numerous species of fish, including yellow perch and rainbow trout, out of the reservoir. Travelers from other parts of the state and country use Mancos State Park as their camping headquarters when they visit the numerous attractions in the area, including Mesa Verde National Park, the San Juan Skyway and Durango.

So this is where we are thinking of going camping this spring. The probable dates that we want to go are from May 23rd to May 26th. Let us know if this works, and anyone who wants to can come. See you then!!!

*Ok well it is settled for May 23-26th. I've reserved the campsite for all those who rsvp'd so far (which is to say Drew and Am only) so anyone else who wants to go should decide soon so we can get the campsite next to ours.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


one proud daddy chick,

and two new baby chicks!

this is posy

and this is bluebell.

I have never seen Benson so excited. He is thrilled to be the proud parent of two new baby chickens. He is so happy that he doesn't even notice that the poor little things run away (!) every time they see him. Anyway it is pretty fun to watch them grow... even though we only got them yesterday they are already bigger and have more adult feathers. Bluebell (an Araucana) is called such because she will lay blue eggs for us and Posy (a Buff Orpington) is called such because Benson's favorite book from the library last week was called "Nosy Posy."

Friday, March 7, 2008

facts about banks

Banks does not like popsicles

He loves to be mischievous with toilet paper

Look at this face! He's in heaven!

And finally, he LOVES his blankie. Thank you Great Grandma.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ben really struggled to get a shot with his eyes open
Banks really loves the piano. He is constantly wandering over to the piano to play us a tune. It's pretty hilarious because he will usually dance to his own song too. He is such a little sweetums.

Big 3

Benson turned a big 3 yesterday. He got lots of great presents from family (thank you everyone) and most of all he finally got to eat his egg cake. We did a horrible job of taking pictures so we really only have this one to show you. Anyway he had a great birthday and we all had lots of fun with him.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

early+late=benson's birthday

All Benson wants for his 3rd year celebration are chickens. We are probably bad parents to entertain his latest whim so shamelessly but secretly I wanted chickens too, and Ben was hankering for a building project so in all honesty it's not a complete indulgence of 3 year old wishes. Anyway we have been (well Ben has, really) building the hen house for a few weeks and we have it finished now except for shingles on the roof. It has been a fun project and Benson is super excited to put chickens in their new house (but in the meantime is very happy to occupy it for them). Unfortunately we have to wait a few weeks for the type of chickens we want to be born and shipped to the local feed store. But be excited for part deux of Benson's birthday in a few weeks: fuzzy baby chicks.