Friday, June 29, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

Last night I asked Benson some "favorites" questions. Here is what he said:
"What is your favorite color?" -"Orange. NO Purple!"
"What is your favorite food?" - "Corn! (I think that's from the Hastings video) Then he paused and said, "Ice cream."
Ben asked, "Who is your favorite parent?" -"Mommy."
"What do you like to do best... swim, play at the park, or play at your friend Justice's house?" -"Play at Justice's house."

I'm still amazed that he's figured out what favorite means.


melissa said...

he's probably smarter than i am.

Megan said...

Look at those eyes! He is such a little heart breaker! I'm seriously impressed that he could tell you all of that. I always try to get that kind of info out of Ryen, but it's like trying to get a worm to play dead.

Pam said...

He is brilliant, of course, no surprise to me! I love it! (the playdough balls as well) And to think I told my sisters, when they suggested playdough at the reunion, that most of my grandchildren would just eat it! What do I know? Mom

Caity said...

I love that! I asked Em yesterday who she thought God was (knowing it would be interesting) and she said "ummm....Amber?" They are so funny!