Saturday, November 3, 2007

well if Kaleb is going to do it...

So I am supposed to tell 6 things about myself. Here's hoping I can think of 6 things that don't embarrass me.

1. I wish I were a princess. And a ballerina. And a clothing designer. Most every girl has wanted these for her occupation at some point but I sadly just never grew out of it.

2. I think I should have lived in Jane Austin times. I love to paint, dance, play the piano, wear pretty dresses, go to balls (not that I've ever been but it sounds nice) and most other things that went with the time period. I feel like I am wasting all the womanly freedoms I have these days because I'm not one who really utilizes them.

3. I fluctuate almost daily between wanting 3 kids and 15. Seriously.

4. One of my more realistic lifetime goals is to never miss having dinner on the table when Ben walks in the door, with the house sparkling clean, and myself and the children perfectly groomed. I think I am one of the rare people who saw Stepford Wives and thought, "What's so wrong with having perfect women?" Though I'd hope to have a little more personality than a Stepford.

5. I really want to see the world. I think I'd visit Italy first, but France is a close second. Beyond that, I think I'd just twirl a globe and land my finger on a country to decide where to go next. I would also like to learn to speak the language of many of the countries I visit.

6. I can't wait until Caity and I have neighboring hobby farms and then convince the whole family to come and live with us on a huge compound. (with my parents in an annex behind my house) :)

I really can't tag anyone because all the people I know have already been tagged (even Stephanie... what a strange coincidence).


Anonymous said...

I love it! I am glad you shared. So fun to learn about you. I am with you on several of your facts. When you travel we want to come too.

Carrie said...

Maybe we could trade off picking places to go. Fun!

Pam said...

So cool! I think you will make it to an Audrey Hepburn-June Cleaver, no doubt about it.

Caity said...

See, that wasn't so hard. I want to travel with everyone too!

mandakay said...

CARRIE!!! hello lady. well i just wanted to comment on the stepford wife part. I laughed so hard because i just watched that movie for the first time not long ago and i said the same thing!! i was like i wanna be like them! HAHA funny suff