Monday, January 21, 2008

a list

Things that have happened since my last post

1. We got robbed.
2. We moved into our new house.
2a. Ben and I moved a piano by ourselves and I moved half a washing machine UPSTAIRS with him.
3. I personally spent 15 hours cleaning the old house, though Ben also put in a few solid hours.
4. I forgot to clean the ceiling fans and incurred a $25 fee (where were you, Suz!?) :) but other than that passed the white glove test.
5. We got to move so we didn't really care about the fee.
6. I got my first seed catalog in the mail.
7. I joined Seed Catalog Addicts Anonymous.
8. My sister came to visit. (yay!)
9. Ben got out of the Air Force.
10. Ben signed up for 4 years in the Air National Guard. (what the?! Ben?!)
11. Banks figured out how to climb stairs.
12. Benson joined Transformeraholics Anonymous.
13. We bought lots of compost and sulfur.
14. Ben dug up the rocks and began preparing soil for the garden.
15. We got internet!

We have caught up on all of your blogs and now you are caught up on ours and it's as if we were never apart.


Anonymous said...

You guys got robbed too? I hope it wasn't bad....Sounds like you have been busy bees! We are so glad to have you back! Can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Megan said...

Yaaaay! We missed you guys!!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you have been very busy. welcome back!

mandakay said...

busy busy busy... im thinking planting a garden too... i have no clue what im doing but i thought it would be fun. good luck getting things back on track

Pam said...

that is quite a list. I can't wait to hear all your garden updates. I am so proud of you guys for moving onward and upward.