Tuesday, August 19, 2008


our eggs with a white one for comparison

Bluebell looks on as her egg is stolen from beneath her. Just kidding she lays the green ones.
Ok so it's kinda hard to tell but the hens are laying brown eggs and sage green ones. I should take another close up photo but I ate the green ones for dinner so I'll have to take a picture of the new one tomorrow.

The time has finally come and those girls are earning their keep. We now get to enjoy the excitement of two fresh eggs daily. Sigh. We love our chickens!


Sara said...

I knew she would be popping soon--those eggs are marvelous! I've just been waiting for pictures of Benson and his eggs . . . oh, what a doll he is. I'm not sleeping tonight, can you tell! love you

Caity said...

Awww...I like Benson's haircut! I can't believe hens lay all sorts of different colors still! Man, it seriously just makes me want to have chickens all the more.

Stephanie said...

those girls- haha- that cracked me up :)

how exciting that the eggs just happen to come in two lovely colors

diana palmer said...


so close to nature

Diana said...

those eggs are breathtakingly beautiful.

Erica Bass said...

Those are the coolest colors of eggs. I need to visit the "girls"!