Monday, July 6, 2009

we are independent

fourth of july

fourth of july-2
Ben making albuquerque proud

fourth of july-3
Doesn't our mayor dress like a retired tourist in Florida?

fourth of july-5
Watching Daddy on stage

fourth of july-4
Is this not the cutest face you've ever seen?

Ben received an award for his brave service in Iraq or Afghanistan on the fourth.


Oh, he didn't go to the desert?

That's ok, they still gave him "the highest honor bestowed upon an Albuquerque citizen."

Oops! He felt really badly about the whole thing, and you should have seen his face when they announced what the award was for! He looked at me (on the front row of thousands of people) and wanted to melt into the floor. Nonetheless, he bravely accepted his award and will donate it to his Guard unit, where people have actually served over there. And I'm glad we went because Benson was in complete awe for the first fireworks show of his life saying, "Wow. Woooow. WOW!" as each firework lit up the sky. Holidays are so much more fun with kids.


Emmy said...

Cute pictures! And yes I agree about your mayor, crazy.

laura d said...

your mayor's better than murray's mayor and his super-hick handlebar mustache. ugh. I cringed every time American Idol showed his face last year. Yup, world. This is utah. represented by a massive handlebar mustache. awesome.

mrs. peterson said...

holidays are fun with kids, and husbands who act like kids.

YOUR kids sure are getting cuter and cuter.

and also, ben DID go to the desert, just not the ones in afghanistan or iraq. eh?

Carrie said...

hahaha that made me laugh out loud, melissa. I for one feel like this is a tour of duty in the desert. :)

KRasband said...

You're flippin' hilarious Carrie. "Marty" Chavez totally dresses like a retarded tourist. Whether or not Ben served in Iraq or Afganistan he's still awesome to be serving in the military. That just shows you the mayor doesn't just dress like a retard...

Anonymous said...

oh gosh that is too funny. That is a very adorable picture of Banks. See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caity said...

That really is too funny! Oh my goodness! And I absolutely agree that kids make the holidays the best ever! With Ryen, Maddie, Emma and Tanner, I pretty much just laughed the whole way through our fireworks show.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

have i told you lately that looking at posts of your cute family of boys makes me excited for my life with cute boys!? it's been a while, i know, we were due for another roud of this! thanks for leading the way and giving me things to look forward too.

and ben shouldnt feel bad- he deserves a medal for all this med. school stuff! :)

Jobi Niu said...

How freaking handsome are your boys
?? The mayors shirt is funny.. I hate that feeling that Ben felt.. That's good he accepted it though. I'm sure no one even noticed.. :]

mandakay said...

The boys are adorable as ever!I always look forward to reading your blog. the pics are always amazing. And poor ben, i can only imagine the way he was feeling but i think he still deserves it ! He still wears that uniform and if he had to go to the desert he would, therefore he is worthy of an award.