Wednesday, June 2, 2010

life on the farm

A few days ago, Ben and I were talking with a friend and he remarked (having also recently moved from the west side to the east side of our fair city) that really there are two different Albuquerques. The west side can best be described as this:

Sahara, Erg Chebbi (Canon 450D)

But since moving to the east side we've seen life! We have already sort of adopted some critters that just wandered into our yard. Meet ninja:


Notice the grass!!

And here is LooShoo (named and even spelled by Benson) and her new kittens, which we just happened upon one day in our shed.

Here is where we do not mention that with all of this life we also discovered that our dirt moves at night with an unmentionable amount of cockroaches. I'm seriously shivering just thinking about it. Is this normal? Should I stop worrying if they are just outside (which they mostly are, thank goodness)? Or should I go out and mercilessly destroy like I want to?

And just so you don't have to end this post thinking about all those cockroaches, here's a little something else.

Sometimes baby Roman cries, even though he's laying on the softest blanket ever, so lovingly made by his mommy...
but most of the time he looks like this. Which is to say milk-drunk and pretty pleased with life.


Rachel said...

What a nice change for your family. Life!

And I think that blanket you made looks so so nice. I wouldn't cry if I were laying on it! ;)

laura d said...

hahahaha love that last photo! Yay for grass and fun "pets" and soft, beautiful blankets and the cutest kids ever!

Anonymous said...

oh my...haha...that picture of Roman is priceless. I am glad you are not in the dried up desert portion of life anymore!

melissa marie said...

i have no concept of two things that bother a lot of people: cockroaches and humidity. i have no idea what i would do with either one.

but roman, wow. both pictures are too awesome.

and the turtle is pretty cool.

Carrie said...

Uh, found one in my shoe shortly after I posted this. Absolutely the laaaaaast straw. Ben came home from work early to begin the war. There will not be a cockroach standing within 100 miles of my house if I have anything to say about it.

May you never know the torture of cockroaches. Humidity isn't that bad as long as you don't have curly hair. :)

Stephanie said...

Roman is adorable :) I LOVE all his black hair!! I especially like the milk drunk picture.

a mermaid said...

ohhhhh milk drunk. i looooove milk drunk. so sweet. i can smell his sweetness from here.

Pam said...

Life is never, ever dull, eh? I love the photos. Pick your battles...some wars are necessary. Good luck, and may the force be with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun pets! And you don't even really have to do anything right? Amazing blanket. What kind of yarn is it? And did you try the chokes yet??? Let me know when you do!

Caity said...

Some day you will move to a place where you never see a single cockroach. You know...I've never seen a cockroach in Michigan :)

I can't wait to meet Roman! Hopefully not too far in the future.

Megan said...

That last picture MELTS me. Oh. My. Gosh. How I miss you and your troop of boysies!

J. Peter said...

That picture of the west side is great except you forgot to draw in your totally awesome friends behind bars, staring out, wondering how they can get out of the wasteland that is the west side.

Carrie said...

haha jordan I just came back to read through and I laughed out loud at your comment.