Monday, April 11, 2011

days like this

Sometimes, I have a day where
Everyone is needy
All the children cry all day
Nothing sounds good for dinner
Things just don't get done
I just can't wait to put my babies in bed
And then crawl under the covers myself with my Ben.

But real quick-like I decide to download the videos from my camera and I find a little shimmering jewel like this one and I laugh and laugh until I cry happy tears at the job I get to do. I'm convinced this is better than a Christmas bonus to keep me reporting to my job every day.

..."this is green guy... he knows... cool stuff." Indeed, Banks. Indeed.


Abby said...

Thanks for the smile!

I have those days too; it seems like more often than not recently...

Better than Christmas...I like that!

laura d said...

its something in the air. maybe radiation blowing past utah into ABQ...

That's pretty cute he knows how to work the camera. and the little glimpse of his face at the beginning makes it all the better!

Rachel said...

A little tender mercy! I love the reminders of why we are doing what we are. His voice is really sweet and I miss you guys.