Friday, September 23, 2011

she blogs


I've enjoyed this little break, but on this, the first day of fall, I declare that today is the end of the blog vacation. I think. We'll see.

But in the mean time we haven't had too much going on, honestly, but here are a few of the comings and goings since I last blogged (in the order in which they appear in my brain). Ahem:

:: finished harry potter IV. benson is hooked and will be harry potter for halloween. haaaaappy mom. banks is stuck on a "minja" costume, and roman is now taking suggestions.

:: roman learned he can push chairs around to get to the formerly high safe havens of all things sharp and scary. he permanent markered on my computer this morning. sad sad day.

:: i discovered trader joe's salsa. my new fav.

:: ben and i discovered seared (read: raw and pretty much cold in the center) tuna. also so good!

:: i got my haircut exactly like snape's. like i literally took a picture of snape to my stylist and said "can i have this exact haircut?" (i didn't. it was olivia palermo)

:: ben started his second year of med school! woo woooo!

:: i started ballet again and i loooove it. i have boys in my class so we get to do mini pas de deux sometimes. (giggle giggle)

That's about it really. And there isn't much more on the horizon. But we are smoothly sailing and quite happy!


melissa said...

ballet! that rocks. i took beginning ballet at byu, and that is the only ballet i've ever done but i loved it. it was like yoga to me.

ps hair picture?

Stephanie said...

I want to see a ballet picture with your Olivia Snape hair please! I am so wishing I could take a ballet class with you. Fantastic update friend. Welcome back!

melissa said...

olivia snape!!!

Pam said...

Welllllll, you look fabulous! And don't forget that Benson is now taking an art class. Seriously, your family stays busy, busy, busy and you make it all look easy-peasy. Love you!

Colette said...

i want to see the new hair do too! Good for you taking ballet again!

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you blog! yes!

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