Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tag from emma

Name/Meaning behind it: Benson Grand Tracy (Benson after my dad, Ben, and Grand after my grandpa--- a combination of Randy G that my daddy thought up)

Age: 3

Birth Date: March 2nd

Nicknames: Bens, Bensonator

Favorite Activity(-ies): Collecting eggs from the chickens, playing at the beach in Michigan

Favorite Food(s): "Peaches and Honey Bunches with Oats"

Least Favorite Food(s): "Gum and soda" (he doesn't like mint or carbonation)

Favorite Music: "Beam song!" (Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam)

Favorite Toy(s): "dinosaurs and motorcycles" (although I would add in eggs too)

Favorite Book(s): "The green one." (I-Spy Mystery)

Favorite item(s) of clothing: "That striped shirt." (which constitutes approximately half his wardrobe)

What makes me happy: "Hugs and kisses."

What makes me sad: "When Banksy scratches me tears come down my face and I'm sad."

I tag Hannah, Eden, and Hyrum


Caity said...

Oh, I'm so glad he did it! I love that boy! I could only get one-word answers out of Emma mostly!

Sara said...

I will get to work, thanks for the idea--I am so lame lately with my postings!