Saturday, April 4, 2009

baby banks

banks feet-2
banks feet

Little Banksy. I remember when Benson was 2 and we really thought he was so big. He seemed so capable and we expected so much from him. I wonder now how I ever thought that, as I still see Banks as the baby he is. He weighed in yesterday at 22 lbs and 33 1/4 inches. That puts him below the 5th percentile for weight and between 10th and 25th for height. Maybe it's because he really is so much smaller that he still seems like a baby. I don't know, but either way I kind of hope he never gets bigger.


mandakay said...

that is just too sweet. Sometimes i forget maddy is still so young, maybe its because peyton came just a short time after maddy , making her the "baby" i never want mine to get bigger either.

Rachel said...

Such sweet pictures. Madeline is my baby still too. And she just might always be. :)

Megan said...

Aw. I love you Mr. Banks! These pictures are definitely "framers" Carrie. :)

Caity said...

You know what's funny? At Tanner's 2 year he was the exact opposite! Below the 5th for height and around the 25% for weight! That's how I build em I guess. Nice and short with a little chub.

I hear you though! I think the same thing about Tanner all the time. I still treat him like a baby, but think that Emma was such a big girl at his age. It's crazy! I love the photos.