Thursday, April 16, 2009

i've resorted to talking about the weather

better hail
What's this stuff?!


Later, the report to mom will be, "Daddy let me eat little tiny ice balls while you were gone!" With, interestingly, no mention of how this was done sans pants.

The weather has been crazy here in the past couple of weeks. One day we are in the 70's and the next, hail, rain, or wind wind wind. Although usually even the nice days are accompanied by wind (quite delightful when you live next to a vast field of dirt).

Perhaps this is the reason that Benson has become sort of obsessed with tornadoes. He draws pictures of them and knows all about them: they come from the sky, they spin really really fast, and they can suck you up and kill you. When I asked him where he learned this stuff from he said, "I don't know. I just kind of figured it out, I guess." And then he added, "But mom, you know what's even more dangerous than tornadoes? Black holes." This he learned from cousin Spencer (along with the fact that we are made up of meat.)

And you know what Banksy likes to do and say lately? "Dang it!" while smacking himself in the face. These kids are like sponges. Which reminds me of an online class i took once that spoke of children having internal chalkboards, and everything you say and do is written on them for good. yikes.


mandakay said...

benson, what a smarty!

and what banks said, super funny, i can see you doing that! lol

melissa said...

turns out you talked about a lot more than weather. plus, i think weather is awesome.

Sara said...

those boys of yours . . . they're darling. we miss them. i was looking at your blog last night and hannah saw benson--she got a little sad. i'll always remember banksie as a baby though. he seems too young to be doing all of that goofy toddler stuff. it's a fun stage though. thanks for your email. it helps. love ya!

Natalie said...

Now I don't feel so bad for coming to Utah and it snowing- guess I would have got the same storm at home. Maija likes 'twisters' too- but only because of Wizard of Oz. Everytime its windy in ABQ she says "maybe its a twister!"

laura d said...

Looks like he's bound to be a cannibalistic meteorologist/astronomer. What a job title!

Anonymous said...

I can take credit for the tornado information. He and I watched some PBS show when I was down last.


Caity said...

It is so true! Meg's kids and mine picked up some funny stuff from each other this time! It's so funny.

Suzanne said...

Carrie, that really made me laugh about the meat thing. Spencer talks about that all the time, I'm glad he's teaching Benson very valuable information. Kids are so cute! Your boys are such smarties.