Monday, September 14, 2009


cheese on spaghetti

First of all, who designed this program that just when you are needing to nourish another human being all you want to do is throw-up? When I have my own world, I will definitely NOT make women feel like this as soon as they are pregnant.

But secondly, when I do finally feel like consuming something, it always seems to be a throw back to my childhood, because I guess my body is reminiscing like, "remember the days when feeling nauseas every day wasn't even possible?" While I was pregnant with Benson, I ate Lynn Wilson frozen bean and cheese burritos (beloved during childhood and I still love them when I go back to visit the fam) slathered with extra cheese and sour cream every. single. day. And while I still crave them during this pregnancy, alas, they are only available in glorious Utah. So lately I've been substituting baked potatoes with plenty of the good stuff, but today... TODAY... gimme spaghetti with shredded cheddar cheese.

I know. But I gotta eat something.

And this dish holds both fond and sad memories, as I loved spaghetti with shredded cheese the way my little elementary served it, but the kids with parents who really loved them always made them a sack lunch. Those of us TORTURED enough to have to eat school lunch were always met with, "ewwwwwww," and "that looks like barrrrrffff!!" and so we had to enjoy it secretly, pretending to choke it down. Oh, like they made this burritos that were out of this WORLD so good, but everyone said they looked like cat doo-doo so I couldn't ever get one! So sad.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: Isn't pregnancy weird?

But also, my favorite blogger is back to cooking and posting yummy vegetarian recipes!


melissa said...

you're funny. i always remember you as having a nice home-packed lunch and wishing i had one too...isn't it funny how perception is? i'm glad you can eat something, and i'm also glad nienie's recipes are back. i make those peanut butter cookies about once a week.

Carrie said...

ha! That is funny because my mom didn't ONCE pack a lunch for me, so if it was nice and home-packed it was done by me. I was always envious of Michelle, her mom stapled hers and gave her a piece of gum! hahaha Oh the things you think are important in elementary school.

Rachel said...

I always had sack lunch made by my mom and thought I was getting gipped. Hot lunch seemed like the thing that the lucky kids got to each. haha

I remember one night when I was pregnant with Madeline and craving chicken so bad I almost cried. Baked chicken. Plain baked chicken. Yes, pregnancy is weird!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Oh..that looks so very yummy!
sandy toe

Anonymous said...

The things pregnant women eat. It sure is weird being pregnant. But Yay for being pregnant!!!! I am so glad you are and that you will be closer someday soon so we can see each other on a regular basis!!! I love that hat by the way...A carrot bow would be the icing on the cake!

Caity said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick! YUCK!

That's funny about the school lunch and here's what really funny to me, for me we got to choose a couple of lunches we wanted in the week and the other days WE packed our lunch! So, I ate the gross stuff and packed my own stuff as well and loved it! The second option for for kids who didn't like the choice was hot dogs and there was this one girl who ALWAYS ate them and we said her stomach was green because of it. I never wanted to eat them because of that.

I hope the sickness doesn't last long!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA......this blog makes me laugh because as soon as i opened the front page of your blog i gagged. That heap of spaghetti looks GROSS! I guess one pregnant womans throw-up is another pregnant womans just keep your head up lil missy.....there will be a baby in our arms before we even know it!