Monday, November 2, 2009



Halloween was great fun. The kiddies had a great time trick or treating, and they've already forgotten about their candy! Score.

We didn't get a good shot of Benson's turtle shell (he is a Ninja Turtle, also known as a "minja turtle" around these parts) but trust me, it was awesome. And we tried to convince Banks to be another turtle but he wanted no part in it. We ended up having to wrestle him into the Superman costume, because he is very extremely two some days.

Best part of the night: Some of the teenage boys at our church made a little "haunted stage" at our church. Benson went through it not once, but twice, and screamed and cried both times. It wasn't funny the first time, but the fact that he freaked out the second time after insisting he wanted to go through again did make us chuckle a bit.

Hope all of your Halloweens were as fun as ours!


Stephanie said...

this made me chuckle so many times- great job on the costumes by the way!

Emmy said...

"Being extremely two" I like that.. so true.
Cute costumes!

Michelle said...

I love the costumes. My blog went private. E-mail me if you'd like an invitation

Anonymous said...

very cute! Benson is so silly.

Rachel said...

Holy Smokes, when did Banks grow up? It must be the hair. . .lol! They both are adorable little guys!

Caity said...

That really is funny. He actually insisted then cried and screamed. That made me laugh.

Anyways...SO cute outfits! I'm glad Halloween was so fun!