Friday, January 29, 2010


Meet Jane, Josie, and I-forgot-her-name West. They are taking care of the farm animals at our house now, after being rescued from the toy bin at the Bargain Box yesterday.


I also bought this little beauty. I'd link it but Anthropologie doesn't appear to sell it online. And I bought the last bottle at my store, so don't go looking for it here. I am now a walking temptation... People go running for vanilla cupcakes when I come near, and they don't even know why. Mmmmmm I'm a giant cupcake...

These two are a sample of the retail therapy that took place yesterday. We are STILL waiting to hear our future decided and it's taking its toll. I'm trying to be patient, to know that everything is going to work out, but I must say this application process has been very humbling for me. I cannot imagine why Ben doesn't have 15 acceptances right now! I'd let him in because he is totally amazing! Anyway, perhaps you've been wondering what's going on with this process and that is it. Nothing.

And just because these two insisted on a photo in their jammies this morning:
Photo 13

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dreaming of green beauty... again

If I could have a wedding reception again this summer (which would be funny since I got married in February), I would totally do it just like this one. Oh and the dress! It's so pretty and perfect for this setting. Maybe someday I'll just have a party like this. Oooo my artichoke party would be perfect here!

Images via a cup of jo, one of my favorite daily reads

Sunday, January 24, 2010

no girls allowed (except mommy)

The other night we had some friends kids over, and I must say that they are delightful kids. But on this particular night the girls came up with the brilliant idea to form a "girls only" club where, as the name might imply, NO BOYS WERE ALLOWED.

Which is firstly, hilarious, and secondly quite surprising to Benson who hasn't really experienced gender discrimination yet. So he told us about it tonight at dinner, and while Ben was beginning his diplomatic, "how does that make you feel?" speech I immediately helped him plot revenge. Thus the founding of the "Boy's Club."

Now apparently even if you don't understand genders yet, you do automatically know that with a club comes signage. So Benson wrote up this little sign (with spelling help, of course) and found an envelope to send to his friend with instructions about this new club. Here is the letter exactly as dictated:


This is only for boys. Don't tell any girls. But you can tell them, "Have fun in your girl's club." (that's my favorite part) But you'll have fun with me and we'll plan out things. What about your mom? You can tell your mom.

Your Friend,

I hope this doesn't cause too many problems the next time they get together. Although, the girls did start it. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Looking down the driveway of our hotel--- Benson said when we came up to it, "Mommy, are we staying in a sky scraper?!

SO excited waiting for the shuttle to Disneyland

Would not look at the camera for anything. There's a train!

If you could only see Benson's face...

Looking pensive over pepperoni


First of about 6,000 rides on the teacups. We were this excited every. single. time.

Did you even know Disneyland had a carousel? They do. Kids love it.

This is what I got for prompting him to smile.

I don't know why but this photo makes me want to say, "MMMERP!"

Big thunder mountain. Benson loved this one (as shown by the hand raised in the air and not death gripping the seat belt thingy).


Banks would not go into the whale's mouth for anything, so Benson and I went alone.

Bubbles at the Pixar parade were one of the highlights of the trip. Bubbles!

Banks was very enthused about Sea World. See? That kid is EXCITED!

And last but not least, this one is entitled "What I Wouldn't Give to Go Back In Time and Tell Myself to Turn Back on the Auto Focus." Blast! It gets published anyway for the amazing potential of actually having both kids looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time! It was never meant to be, I guess.

So, I finally got around to editing and posting pictures from our trip. I went a little nuts on the editing of some of them, but I was feeling artistic tonight. Anyway our little holiday to Cali was our first real family vacation. It was awesome. I'll spare everyone the deets and just give a few highlights:

  • I have never seen our kids more excited to stay in a hotel. We could see the pool from our room and they thought it was the greatest "skyscraper" ever.
  • having to hold our hands over the kids ears and eyes so we could go on Pirates one more time
  • both kids screaming in absolute terror at the 3D movie about bugs, and running from it 3 minutes in because they were screaming so loudly
  • Benson's excitement at going on his first roller coaster and loving it
  • Banks giggling and shouting on the tea cups
  • the seagull who dive bombed me, bit my thumb, and stole Benson's pizza at Sea World, as well as the 5 who preformed a Monty Pythonish skit by working together to fly off with our whole bag of popcorn
  • Banks saying, "I like this!" one second and then the next shouting, "I do not like this!" because he got scared
  • the magic of the whole thing. Best. Vacation. Ever. Taking kids to Disneyland is one of the best perks of parenthood.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

As it turns out that nap I needed has turned into 4 days of sickness, so I still haven't had the energy to edit/convert all the photos from our trip.


I had this little gem in my reader this morning so I though I'd pass it along. It's the top 10 cutest things of 2009, and it includes Emo Bun up there. I had a good chuckle over the list this morning and I hope you do too. Here's to hoping I get better soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yesterday someone at church told me I looked like Megan Fox. I thought, "Megan Fox WISHES she could have a figure like mine." Just kidding. I almost kissed her. Fatty pregnant ladies like to be favorably compared to sexy actresses. She was probably buttering me up to ask me for a horrible favor soon. And it will work.

Notice how my 26 week bump is pointing right at my new white couch and tv doodad? Awesome. Almost like I planned it.

And yes, I realize I am completely insane for picking out a white couch with 2.5 young boys in the house. I have very high hopes for keeping sticky hands off of my new little beauty. Wish me luck.

This is just a small taste of the photo mania sure to come when I'm feeling better/have had a nap. The couch is part of my Christmas present that was picked up in Arizona on the way back from Disneyland. Hence the lack of blogging.

Aaand it seems that in my time away I've forgotten how to blog as this post is very random.