Sunday, July 18, 2010






gumdrops and tootsies

Ah. So obviously I took a little breaky break from the bloggy blog for a while there, but I'm back! And hopefully going to post more often then once a week (crossing my fingers).

We have been soaking in the last of our summer togetherness this weekend. Tomorrow Ben starts med school and in one month Benson begins his formal education with all-day kindergarten. We are all excited and nervous for all of the above but trying not to think too much about it as we enjoy laying in the shade and eating giant gumdrops. Happy summer to all of you!


Pam said...

Ahhh, one of my all time favorites! Sounds good to me unless one is trying weeeeeeely hard not to eat sweets. Miss you all, love you!

Rachel said...

This post is totally why I love your blog. Bright colors, adorable pictures, fun news. Good luck with all the schooling your family is about to start!

melissa said...

hip hip for educations! wow. what fun. and yum gumdrops. i, for one, am glad you're baaack to posting.

Caity said...

Good luck BEN! I don't blame you for taking a break. And don't hate me, but that picture of Roman looks an awful lot like Ben to me. And those pictures of Banks seriously made me smile! Miss you guys so much :(

Anonymous said...

Oh how we have missed you. Cute Cute Cute those boys are. Have I mentioned we miss you!?

laura d said...

thanks for coming back! I missed you!!

Sara said...

sweet. another challenge and adventure begins. it will be good, i'm sure.