Thursday, July 22, 2010

DSC_2933.jpgPlaying in the rain

July has finally started to cool a bit (if you can call 90's down from 100's cool) and thank goodness. Our last house had AC and so I always thought the weather here was so mild... not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. I realize now I only thought that because my thermostat kept us at a balmy 72 all the time and never went outside because all we had were rocks in our yard. Ah, those were the days. Now we really live the heat. 95 outside = 90 inside. We spend a lot of the day sitting and sweating. It's gross.

Anyway, it is getting cooler and we are even occasionally getting some cooling rain in this "monsoon" season as they like to call our month of a few 10 minute rainstorms. The other night we sat on the front porch and actually watched the storm sweep at us from down the street, creeping closer block by block. It was amazing to see, and reminded Ben of his childhood, watching storms with his family as sheets of rain swept across the lake until it finally reached them and soaked their heads. I've seen it once there too and how I wish my own children could grow up with that scene. It's really quite spectacular.

And in other news, now that I'm not absolutely dying from the heat I decided I could bear to make snickerdoodles and discovered that a tiny spider had set up residence in my mixing bowl. It's been a while since I cooked something I guess. And then I pulled a Rachel (from Friends, did you see the one about the English Trifle? ha ha) and made half a batch of sugar cookies and half a batch of Snickerdoodles, and THEN I dropped the cream of tartar all down the front of me and all over the floor. It really has been a while since I've been in the kitchen. May things go a little smoother when it comes time to put them in the oven. I'm kinda scared.


melissa said...

ha. that's pretty funny, carrie dear. at least you were mixing up two kinds of cookies and not two totally different types of food, eh?

Pam said...

Ah, the rain. Right this minute we are having torrential rain. It's pretty cool. I bet the boys made a lovely memory and having cookies besides? Sounds really special. What a great family you are! Miss you, love you!

Chance and Beth said...

Good luck with the heat! I can't believe that your house doesn't have AC, that is crazy. The first time I tried to make snickerdoodles, I put in tartar sauce, who knew!? I just wanted to let you know, if your husband ever decides to change career paths and you want to move to SE Idaho, I'd be ok with that!