Thursday, September 9, 2010

a book penned by ben, as dictated by banks

Banksy's book
"Dad-e" (given to Dad by Benson)

Banksy's book

Banksy's book
"Is going to"

Banksy's book
"Punch your face"

Notice how I get smilier as the photos go... makes me laugh every time.

"Punch you in the face" is the go-to line around the house these days. And sadly, I find it hilarious almost every time someone says it. hahah I shouldn't be encouraging it but it's just so dang hilarious to hear coming out of their little mouths.

For example last night's post bed-time exchange:

Banks (wandering out into the living room after being put to bed): Benson said he's going to punch me in the face.

Me: Benson, don't tell Banks you are going to punch him in the face. It makes him feel bad!

Benson: But Mooooooom! I'm just making a deal with him! I told him if he doesn't give my CTR ring back right now, I'm going to punch him in the face when I get up in the morning, but if he gives it back I won't! That's fair!

Me (laughing so hard but trying not to): Ben, you need to go in there and explain the significance of threatening to punch his brother in the face over a CTR (Choose The Right) ring because if I go in there I'm gonna laugh and they'll never learn.

Why is this so funny to me? It kills me.

And yes, I have tons of bangs (fringe) now. My hair was postnatally falling out by the handful and it called for drastic measures. Plus, fall just says "bangs" to me.


Pam said...

Carrie, you look so adorable!!! Love the look. love the boys, love the story. I'm afraid I would be laughing too, hysterically. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

melissa said...

that is really really funny. a lot of times i think conversations like that are only funny to those involved, but this is hilarious; i don't blame you at all for not being able to not laugh.

you look awesome with bangs like that. i don't know if i've ever seen you so bangy! i like to think of myself as a bangs person (thanks to you, actually) but they look so good on you i may have to rethink myself. (what? that doesn't make any sense. whatever. i guess we don't have to wait for 2am blogging for me to be confusing.)

Caity said...

I did not see that coming! That's the difference between having a house full of girls and a house full of boys...hahaha!!!

I like the bangs. It makes me want to get mine cut again. And what is it with the all the hair loss after a baby is born?! I always feel like I'm going bald, especially after Lydia!

Alison said...

Oh my gosh you have bangs! I cut my bangs the other week and it was pretty much a disaster.

Obviously if Benson doesn't have the ring, he doesn't have that constant reminder to be nice and make good choices and therefore he must resort to punching. It all makes perfect sense to me.

Carrie said...

haha everyone leaves the best comments here. love you peeps.

Melissa, it was you who inspired me I swear! bang it up cause you look great.

Caity, THE THIRD CHILD! What is it with that?! I neeeeever lost this much hair with my others. You'll have to let me know what to expect for the 4th (4th!).

Alison! I'll fix them! You poor thing! I'm coming to your party and I'm exciiiited!

boo face mcjones said...


My nephews are always coming up with these ridiculous threats. Boys are such a crack-up.

And the BANGS!!! sigh. I need a haircut something fierce, and I have a drastic plan for my bangs that Jesse hates. I might have to do it anyway. Let's just hope I don't hate it too.

Anonymous said...

Lol. That is hilariousness. Your bangs are way cute! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

you look so good with bangs!!! Definitely one of the few people that can pull it off! cute story.......

Colette said...

cause it's funny1 that's why you laugh. i think you look great with bangs!

Chance and Beth said...

Oh my goodness, I L-O-V-E the BANGS! Sigh, please move to Idaho... Funny boys too. Unfortunately I say that to Bailey someimes, mostly cause she makes me crazy, not for taking my CTR ring. I'll work on it!

Suzanne said...

I laughed out loud with that one! BTW I LOVE your bangs. I so reminds me of my favorite singer! (Sophie Madaline). It's fun to get caught back up on your life.