Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bestest friday

We had such a lovely friday.
We went to a park near our house to see if we could watch the glowdeo from far away. We couldn't see it, but we did spend the evening running around and playing football.

{Did I mention that Roman can sit now?}

We packed hot chocolate and rice krispie treats and brought our big blanket to lay together and look at the stars.

{There is an awesome hill for rolling at this park. Can't wait for sledding in the winter, if we get enough snow anyway}


And when it got dark, we turned on the flashlights and daddy told everyone one of his trademarked "Adventures of Supermommy" stories.

Extra bonus: although the city lights blocked the balloon lights, we did catch the fireworks show. It was awesome.


Pam said...

Good heavens, how adorable is that! I want a picture of the three boys for my Christmas present, pleeeeeeze! Ha! Love the whole idea of such great family time! Yay for you!

Rachel said...

Your boys are outragously cute! The three of them together! Wow, I miss you guys! I love that top picture too. That's a keeper - totally worth framing!

And I can't believe he sits already, where has the time gone?

leiamarie82 said...

Boys. Are. The. Best.

Caity said...

These pictures are awesome!!! I love the one of Roman. Oh man, it makes me want to come hang out with you all sooo bad!

Chance and Beth said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual! Sweet boys!!