Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

Left to right: Banks, Benson, Carrie, Ben

Somehow Ben ended up with two pumpkins modeled after him. He was particularly inspiring this year apparently.

Skeleton, Knight, Ventriloquist, and half-hearted ventriloquist dummy

I've been feeling sort of anti-blog lately but Ben keeps getting on my case to post something and it's probably good to make an effort here. I'd like to think I'll record my memories in a personal journal but if I don't have some sort of public accountability it's just not going to happen so I need to do better here. And it's fun to remember things!

Halloween was fun, as usual, and even though I had a mad dash to the finish with costumes (again!) it's getting more and more fun to create costumes for my little guys because they are so excited about the final results. Next year I'm going to try and convince everyone to dress up in a theme since I have 3 boys and that would be awesome-sauce.

And now: on to Thanksgiving! And we have family here this year which makes it twice as awesome! Yes!


Alison said...

Where did those trick or treat buckets come from? I saw so many of them this year and almost felt as if my kids were missing out.

Good work on the costumes!

melissa said...

i really like the ventriloquist idea! awesome.

isn't blogging funny. some people feel obligated to post, some people have to hold back from posting too much (moi). i just love having my blog to look at. it's better than looking through a photo album, and i used to spend lots of time looking through my family's photo albums. i don't know why, but i'm just so into it.

i love whenever you post, by the way.

laura d said...

awww! yay! you did it! They all look stellar and I'm glad you posted a few pics. We decided to not carve pumpkins this year since I'm the only one who actually does. But I kinda miss having the photos...maybe I'll carve a thanksgiving pumpkin or something!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love the costumes! I didn't carve my pumpkin yet, I think its going to have to be a Thanksgiving pumpkin because I am in the mood after seeing these.

Rachel said...

Great costumes! It's really fun to see pictures of your kids.

Unknown said...

You are so fun! I totally wish I could have hung out with you more...
By the way, I loved the pic of Nosy Posy in the previous post!

Caity said...

Awesome costumes Carrie. And I'm glad Ben has been getting on your case because I've missed your posts!