Friday, November 26, 2010

giving thanks in 2010

Just a few photos from Thanksgiving... It was a lovely day and I loved having a day to remember to be grateful for all I have. It is so very much, and I don't take the time to really express and acknowledge my gratitude all the way from my tippy toes very often. I was happy to remember and celebrate the day with family.

And now it's Christmas time! Woohoooo!


Carrie said...

and yes, ben and i have now discussed the possibility that roman's hair might be too long and out of control.

Caity said...

Holy hair! Man, that's impressive Carrie :) I love the pics. I sure wish we could have been together, but I'm grateful you are a part of my family!

Randy said...

Don't cut Roman's hair just yet. He's a young Fabio.

Rachel said...

Oh, I just love love your Thanksgiving table. So classy and beautiful and fun! LOVE IT!

And Roman, holy smokes that kid is such a doll face I can't get over it. I vote don't cut his hair yet as well. He's too scrumptious like that!!!

Benson's pretty darn cute too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish we could have had you guys with us for Thanksgiving Weekend! I am glad we got to skype with you though. Everyone is growing like weeds. We really miss you guys! Love you!