Sunday, January 16, 2011

church is at 1 o'clock now so i have lots of time to dilly dally in the morning

And so I shall post.

I have another blog. Did you know that? Actually I have like 5 other blogs but I have this one blog where I was invited by my dear friend Melissa to meet all of her literary friends and discuss books, which we do, but also we discuss life in general.

It's awesome. Like, really awesome.

And recently we have discussed blogs and blogging and the lack of posting on up in here and I came to some great realizations.


-I need to change the name of my blog. I think it's giving me a blog identity crisis. Because if I don't blog about the children round my house then the post doesn't make sense with the "purpose" of the blog and then I feel less inclined to write about fashion. And sewing. And music. And other pretty things. And those things are important to me too and I don't get to discuss these things very often and I would like that.

-Other boring things too like I need to change my header in a very very big way but I'm working on that.

SO I might. MIGHT post more often. About really random stuff. But there's also a good chance I will still not post very often and I'm ok with that. Thanks to all of you who update so regularly because I do enjoy reading all of your posts.

That is all. Thanks for listening. Happy Sunday!

ps. I haven't written "o'clock" in ten thousand years and it's a good thing my dad is here visiting because I would have most definitely spelled it wrong. If it is, indeed, spelled right now, which I am not convinced that it is.


Kayla Moncur said...

I was really limited by my previous blog that was known only by our last name so I totally know what you mean. It was nice to completely change every thing!

Freckles in April

Anonymous said...

Please do post more! You are so good at everything and so fashionable. I need you to teach me!!! I am your biggest fan Carrie!

Stephanie said...

I would love more frequent posts up in here because I just really like you and everything I know about you. I can't wait!

Caity said...

Firstly, you are adorable. Secondly, I love random. Go you!

laura d said...

hooray for soul-searching/blogging!! haha. love it. You are pretty much my third favorite person in the whole world (only because I'm married and have a cute red-head) so I'm super stoked whenever you write anything. yay!

Pam said...

I'll always enjoy anything and everything you have to say. It means a lot to me to hear whatever you have to say! Love you!

Rachel said...

We have church at 1 now too. And yes, sunday mornings have lots of potential to enjoy getting nothing of great value done.

I love all your posts carrie! The more the merrier!!! All topics!

melissa said...

haha. do it do it.

now that we have church at 11 instead of 9, i loaf and waste time and find it much harder to get there on time. diggety.

i think you've got o'clock right, but blogger thinks i spelled diggety wrong. shows what blogger knows.