Tuesday, June 14, 2011

little treasures

My blog died a little while ago. I started to feel really exposed, and self-doubting, and etc. about everything on here so I just quit posting (obviously?).


I felt a little stirring in my soul in church a few weeks ago, when someone talked about trying to dig up some history from older people and found that their memories weren't quite what they once were. And because no one wrote things down all these precious little treasures were lost with time. I felt so struck by that. All these precious little family treasures that make us laugh, or smile, or cry are being lost as we forget things that happened even yesterday. And so, I hope to post on here a little more often partly to share with family and friends the little daily things that are happening around here, but also to help me remember these tiny moments. I hope! Oh I'm so terrible at staying on top of these things but onward we go and I'll do my best.
Summer 2011 Tracy fam (120 of 157).jpg


laura d said...

hooray! I have the same love/hate relationship with blogging in general. But i suppose the most important things need to be reworked in our minds every now and again...gotta make sure we're doing things for the right reasons. Maybe that's why I'm so off and on again with scripture studies...thats what I'll keep telling myself anyway!
I miss you guys.

stephanie joy said...

That dress! I hope you at least keep me up to date on such news- like what you are wearing because I always like to see and I know that's what you were talking about right? But seriously I do love it, love your style, love when you blog so please do!

Abby said...

Yes, I've missed you.

I too have let the blog die...but it is sweet to go back and read about the "little treasures" I had even forgotten that I blogged about.

Keep it coming.
You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I have been missing you on here. I love all of your beautiful pictures of you and your family. And it really is fun to see the cute little things that happen in your daily life that we don't get to share with you at the moment. But someday we will be closer and share those things, I hope!! Love you Carrie! I wish I were there. -Am

melissa said...

I am sooo in favor of blogging for yourself first. and of photos of your seriously beautiful family. I'm still bummed I couldn't make it down to see you.

And I agree with steph, I like updates on what you're wearing! Another totally reasonable reason to blog?

Rachel said...

I miss you guys already! It was so wonderful and much too short.

I agree, you family is so beautiful!!

And yes, those tiny treasures are so worth remembering.

Caity said...

I LOVE the picture. I've been trying to write a very similar post lately but it just hasn't ever come out the right way. Glad you're back.

Sara said...

I know that feeling of self doubt and exposure. I've closed myself off publicly, somewhat. But, I have been able to open up to memories and journaling personally and then with good friends, if it feels appropriate. It's been the most wonderful experience--to simple record, in whatever manner I take for the week. I think you're great. I think you're beautiful and you have an amazing family. Keep going strong, pretty lady.