Sunday, June 19, 2011

my darling,

, originally uploaded by Annedear.


I just wrote out the greatest tribute ever to you, my dear, but as luck would have it, somewhere in the wild world between flickr and blogger it took a wrong turn and appears to be lost forever. I hope it didn't end up on someone else's blog. That would be uncomfortable.

Suffice it to say when it comes to the subject of dads: At the tip of the top, cream of the crop, is Benjamin Tracy and there we stop.

Though our children don't fully understand yet how lucky they are to have you, I do.

I do. I do. I do.


laura d said...

love it! Iphones are pretty much awesome because of this one app.

stephanie joy said...

Ohhh frame that picture. WOW!

Pam said...

That picture pretty much says it all and the sentiments are oh so perfectly put. How true!

Caity said...

And yet, you still came up with a beautiful tribute.

Nana said...

I understand too...I do.