Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Look at how Benson is neglected. He fell asleep in Banks' carseat while I was writing this post.

Well we are back from Heaven to the fiery furnace called Albuquerque. Vacation was lovely and but sadly one of the only souvenirs we brought back was a nasty case of the sniffles. We didn't even take our camera out of the bag. Siiiiiigh. Hopefully soon someone will have mercy and post their beautiful pictures so that we can steal them. hint hint.... :)

Something random I've discovered about Benson this morning: One of his least favorite things in the world are towels on my head. I do the usual turban-style post-shower wrap and as soon as Benson sees it he yells, "Mommy don't make your hair big!" and continues to shout this until he pulls the towel off my head. I have no idea why he is so passionate about this but he truly is.

In other news, we discovered, while on vacay, that Benson is a gifted t-ball player. It is actually quite amazing how acurately he can hit the ball. He may have peaked at 2 1/2 but we are going to do our best to foster the budding baseball player. His Nana will be so happy. He will be starting t-ball, basketball, and soccer in the spring and it is all we can do to not lie about his age to get him in now. Hahaha someday he will look back at this and blame us for making him crazy. Oh well. We are still excited. If someone has a secret way to upload videos to a blog without having it take a year I could post his t-ball awesomeness. I'll need some guidence though, because as we all know I am blog -challenged.


Suzanne said...

We wished you lived closer, Benson could show Spence a thing or two. He is so darn cute.

- Suz

melissa said...

i wonder what would happen if you got a t-ball and put it on top of your turban-towel head. probably nothing good.

Anonymous said...

We already miss you all. Just come back to Michigan. Would the Airforce really miss You? I think that whole AWOL thing is just hype anyway. Love yA's

Anonymous said...

What are you guys up to? Blog baby, blog!