Monday, October 20, 2008

sounds like someone's got a case of the mondays

Ugh. Is today over yet? I'm supposed to be in line at the DMV right now, getting a new license to replace the 1 week expired version I currently carry but after Benson's shenanigans all through the night and pooping in his undies this morning, I just don't have it in me. I'll stay home and make treats today and think about driving tomorrow.

In happier news we are starting to see the dawn of health on the horizon and it looks so inviting. I can't wait to be healthy again.... So we can be sick again because it's that time of year. Yaaaaay!

In other happier news, Banks is the cutest little almost 19-month old ever. He has been the only chipper person in the house for days and Ben and I arm wrestle over who gets to snuggle with him in the evenings.


mandakay said...

we also have a case of the mondays. hope you guys get better soon. I love the pics of the boys. they are charming little ones

Anonymous said... is rainy here too, that makes it even harder... I hope you guys get feeling way better! If you have any left over treats I will have one...hehe

melissa said...

i haven't been sick but i've felt like i was sick. make sense? but i feel better today too, and may even be chipper today.

Caity said...

Oh boy, you've got to love those kind of days. We've all been there. Here's prayin for ya!

Abby said...

We're right there with you. Treats always make Monday better. Thank goodness for Havahoweewee!