Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Family is of God

The Family is of God, originally uploaded by Annedear.

For 40 minutes each Sunday, I teach the children at my church songs about all things related to God (and fun songs too because God is fun). This month we are learning The Family is of God, the most beautiful Primary song I've ever heard. I made a video to introduce the song to the kids this week, including pictures of some families at our church who keep blogs. The kids were so surprised when pictures of them came up! It was priceless. Anyway, I thought I'd post this little slide show for the kids who were not at church today (there were many missing), and for those of you who haven't heard this song before. It's such a touching and beautiful song about our roles in families. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Ooooo k, apparently when flickr says it uploaded your video it means it uploaded as much of your video as it's gonna. So this is only the first verse of the song. SO. If you want to hear the rest click here. And you should, 'cause it's really awesome, especially the verse about fathers.


Emily A. Gunderson said...

Awesome! What a great way to introduce the song.

crazygirl said...

adorable carrie!
i love that song as well..
the theme in primary this year is awesome!
the video is a great idea!
i'll have to have linney make me one of our family!
the kids always love seeing themselves on tv...
thanks for the inspiration!

Alison said...

That's awesome Carrie! That was freakin' genius to steal pictures from everyone's blogs (and to think to look on Michelle's!). I especially like how during the line "our father's place is to preside" there's the picture of Ben playing guitar hero. Now that's presiding. :)

Chris B. said...

Carrie, you're wonderful!!
This is all the boys talk about since they have came home from church. Even Tuck was talking about his head cut off -- but he was cool with it.
Would love a copy of it for FHE sometime.
thanks for teaching my clue-less boys how to sing.
PS - also love the pic of Ben!

Sara said...

yep, genius! I'm stealin' that idea for FHE tomorrow! Thanks, pretty girl! I so know what you mean about sniffing and kissing Lucy extra for you. Wish you could be here to do it yourself, she's wonderful. You're wonderful too CARRIE!

Emmy said...

How wonderful! So cute, where did you ever think of that idea?

mrs. peterson said...

yes, i love this song as well. i cried basically every time the kiddies sang it. you made a video! i'll have to watch it at home (not in a hotel business center...). can't wait.

Briana said...

That's sweet, Carrie.

Melanie said...

Cool! I'm sorry Zach missed that. He would've loved it. Caitlin sure liked it when I showed it to her. I'll have to have Zach watch it when he gets back in town. Very cute idea.