Tuesday, June 30, 2009

green chile* pizza

green chili pizza, originally uploaded by Annedear.

It has taken me almost three years to embrace the pride of New Mexico, but I think green chile* has finally won me over. This was our first meager attempt at home, but yesterday we ordered pizza and it came piled high with the stuff and it was soooooo good.

Dad, next time you come to visit I know exactly where we are ordering: Green chile* pizza!

*Thanks, Jordan. I'll never pass for a native!


J. Peter said...

As a New Mexico native I'm glad you've finally grown to appreciate green chile. I don't want to be too uppity but chile with an 'e' is the green stuff, chili with an 'i' comes from Texas in a bowl with beans. I forgive you for the lapse.

Rachel said...

Looks delicious, however you spell it! I'd love to try it sometime too. Especially if that means a visit to your house.

kbob said...

THis looks delicious, I'd love to try it out sometime, pizza is my weakness.