Wednesday, September 2, 2009

off to school

1st day of preschool

Benson started pre-school yesterday. I've already heard countless accounts of parents worrying and fretting, but all of that means nothing until you experience it for yourself. I shed lots of tears trying to be ok with him going (he wanted to go sooooo badly) and at one point even accidentally convinced him to stay home with me, but in the in end off he went and he even came home and had a marvelous time. He gave a glowing report of new friends, stickers on his hand, writing in his journal and beans (not very good but I tried them, Mommy) and rice (It was the best rice ever!) and apples for lunch. He even headed to day two with a smile on his face, although he panicked a little when he realized we forgot his backpack and to brush his teeth.

We'll get used to this.

And Banks only cried a little today. I need to get a recording of him saying, "Pwease mommy, I wanna go pwe-schoo!" It's the saddest and sweetest thing you've ever heard.


melissa said...

wow. i think it's cute and sad how both of you are taking it. (well, all three of you, including banks.) how's ben taking it?

Stephanie said...

how precious! what a big kid and what a transition for you. you know i look at your life as a preview to my future so i am taking this all in and worrying already! this will make me appreciate our very unscheduled and boring day ahead that i was kinda dreading this morning.

Carrie said...

Ben is as bad as the rest of us. haha

Steph- do try to enjoy it! It's so funny how you really can't appreciate the loveliness of unscheduled days until they no longer exist! Although I'm having a lovely time with just Banks.

Rachel said...

He looks so grown up! I can't believe how time flies! And I love your new header, you're boys are so cute!

What is his preschool schedule?

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Aw. I feel your pain, girl. I feel your pain. Give that big boy of yours a smooch from me!

PS. I love your header!!!!!

laura d said...

yay for you! good job on being so strong. I wish I could ship my little guy off to preschool today. He is CrAnKy!! and I'm losing my mind. One of those crankies where you can't do anything to make them happy. Ugh. But your two are so sweet and I wish I was there to play with you while Benson is away.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am glad he likes it. I still remember how scared I was my first day of school. Your pictures are so perfect!!! miss you!