Friday, October 23, 2009

back from the brink

I keep going on hiatus on this here blog, but this time it was with very good reason. I've been crazy crazy sick and sort of afraid I was going to die for a bit there, but I'm doing better today. Hooray! Unfortunately it appears to be my turn to play nurse to poor Ben.

in which i stood on the chair because i no longer have a lap top.

In other news, and inspired by my friend Melissa's photo (who wears skinny jeans, not mom pants), my new mom/pregnancy uniform came in the mail today. I never though I'd actually succumb to the temptations of "comfy pants" but alas, I have. Oooo they are nice though. Got them from Shade, if anyone else wants to join me in the "looking better than sweatpants around the house" brigade. I put on regular clothes to go out still, I promise!


boo face mcjones said...

so sick? no good! i'm glad you are feeling better and did not, in fact, die!

and those are the cutest mom pants i have seen. me likey.

Jobi Niu said...

Girl.. I'm all about those pants.. don't kidd yourself ;)

Caity said...

You know I am not the person to talk to about succumbing to temptations of comfy pants. I go everywhere in comfy clothes. I look like a lazy teenager at least instead of lazy mom. That helps, right? Either isn't good though.

I'm sorry everyone is sick! Feel better!

melissa said...

oh jeepers, i'm sorry you've been sick. it seems to be inevitable this year, but sorry all the same.

and those are the cutest comfy pants ever! hooray for leg/hip pictures! (who knew they'd be so cute...well at least yours is.)

Eric and Jenny said...

Hey I have been thinking about you guys and wondering about the interview at Mayo. How did it go? Does Ben have a good feeling about it? I hope everything works out how you guys want it to, even though it would be great if you were going to come to Colorado! Good luck! Let me know what happens!