Tuesday, December 8, 2009

babies of another sort

So it has pretty much been non-stop baby making around this house the past few days.


Oh, that. 5 months late people.

I mean of this sort:

fruit snack babies
This may look like an ordinary box, but it holds life. Life!

fruit snack babies-2

Benson has fruit snack babies! He even made little pjs for them, as well as pillows and blankets. 90% of them are girls and all of the girls have names: Clementine, Olive, Catisha, CatRisha, and Adelaide. All the rest are unnamed boys. Poor things. Note that they are mostly of the pineapple variety, as these ones have "hair."

fruit snack babies-3
They even have a toy box with toys. (I did help with the toy box a bit). And as of this morning they have bunk beds!

fruit snack babies-4
The proud daddy.

It is so hilarious to see Benson's imagination begin to take shape.


Rachel said...

That's just really cute. I LOVE watching little kids come up with stuff like this!

Emmy said...

Lol! Awesome and a great use of the iPod Touch case :)

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh! amazing and precious! :) also, is this snow falling on your page? i was concerned at first and now i am just intrigued. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness..how cute. I can't wait for these things with our kids! Your blog gives me so much to look forward to. Thanks Carrie!!!

Megan said...

That really is an impressive imagination. He is the coolest boy ever, Carrie. I swear.

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHA! If you were only having a girl so Benson could name her. I'd definately go with CATrisha! That is the best! Hilarious! ; )