Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look at what came in the mail yesterday!
Thank you Nana. Benson is IN LOVE. "Miles" does not leave his side. And he's even cuter than I anticipated.

And Banks, as expected, kind of likes the frog (that I so lovingly knitted), but will require more urging from me to become attached. I'm working on him though. He's sleeping with froggie tonight whether he likes it or not.


Emmy said...

Those are so cute!!

melissa said...

oh wow, that mouse in a box is so great!

and it won't take any urging to get ME to love that frog! it's so cool. you made it?! so cool.

Rachel said...

yay! Nana IS the best. That is so cute. And the frog . . . holy cow, SO CUTE too! Knitting is another thing beyond me! You're awesome!

laura d said...

Thaaat's it, force the love. :D If he decides he doesn't like it, you could always send it to me. I'd take it to bed, give it a nice home...Um, wish I could knit because that would be a super fun thing to make!

Unknown said...

You need to check my blog more... miss ya!