Monday, December 28, 2009

snippets of christmas

christmas 09-4
We spent the morning playing with legos

christmas 09-3
Benson got the Optimus Prime with double swords that he's been talking about since July

christmas 09-2
And Banks got his big Megatron

christmas 09
The best part of being the only girl in the family; I finally get to be Mary when we act out the first Christmas! I've always had to be the angel because apparently little sisters make better Marys.

We sort of neglected to take photos on Christmas this year. These are some of the only shots we took. Oops. We did have a lovely day though, even if we don't have much proof.

And all evidence of Christmasness was put in boxes by 8 am on the 26th. Bring on the new year.


Rachel said...

You make a beautiful Mary, and besides should be Mary anyway since you're going to have a baby boy soon!

Fast Christmas clean up - wow! Ours will be up for a few more days. I'm excited for 2010 though too!!

Your boys are darling as always!

laura d said...

awww you make a better mary than me, with the dark hair and convenient prego belly!!

The Father Unit said...

You are both beautiful Marys. And, Maddie added another to the mix this year.

Emmy said...

Wow, I can't believe you cleaned up that quickly! I hate taking down my decorations. You are a beautiful Mary.

Anonymous said...

Thats such a neat tradition! Youre such a good mommy! Tree is down?! Thats awesome:) Happy new year!

melissa said...

you have such a sunny interior! i really love that.

i don't think nate will let me take the tree down until new years, but i'd totally be with you if i dared upset him in that way.