Friday, February 19, 2010

on coloring trucks





Ability to draw garbage trucks and tractor thingies (that's the technical term) is not a requisite for being mom to (almost) three boys. But they sure think you are cool if you can.


laura d said...

oil pastels make you a cool mom, no matter what you can draw! Way to go!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I can't draw anything. When this baby gets here I am going to have to call my dad to help with the artistic endeavors.

Stephanie said...

amen! :)

Megan said...

Oh goodness! THAT'S why I have all girls! :)

Emmy said...

Cute post! And you are right, drawing trucks makes you amazing as a mom :)

Ruth Peterson said...

Molding play-doh dinosaurs of all sorts (and knowing the names) makes me the coolest! :) Cute, cute family, Carrie! :)