Thursday, March 4, 2010

big 5

Started the day with a surprise trip to to the dinosaur museum (called NUseum by Banks)... Here Benson is showing the effects of bounding into his parents room at 6 am. My siblings will now insist that this is my payback for waking everyone up at 3 am on Christmas morning every year. Ha. This kid is my clone.

Five seconds later, he discovers where we are and cannot believe this awesome surprise! Seriously woke up in sheer disbelief that we weren't at Walmart or Target, but the DINOSAUR MUSEUM! Best mom moment ever.

Finally opening the presents that have been taunting him all day. He got a t-ball stand and bat from dad and legos with wheels from mom, and after opening he immediately forgot about his cake and ran upstairs to put the truck together.

His favorite dinosaur is the Argentinosaurus. He wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up (right now anyway).

Pretty much summarizes the day. And then the camera ran clean out of batteries. Dang it!

And this little gem is brought to you by the letter h. For how HUGE my belly looks in this dress. And don't worry... We relit the candles and tried again. Want to know Benson's wish this year? To move to a new house with a tree he can climb.

5 year olds are so fun. I can't believe I'm the mom to an almost Kindergartner. Benson woke up the next day and picked up his basketball to practice dribbling and said, "Wow, Mom! This is so light now! I guess I got bigger last night because I'm 5 now." I guess you did, buddy. I feel it too.


melissa said...

1. this video kills me. i think i watched it six times. you are all so funny.

2. this video kills me. you look so good. the cake looks so good. and it's so funny.


boo face mcjones said...

ditto to melissa's comment. all of it.

that cake is seriously adorable. and how cute is the little one's "ok" in response to the early candle blow out?!? i died.

laura d said...

hahahahahaha!!! Banks's response is the best! And his face. Oh his face. I'm still laughing. It's like the trident layers commercial--when the guy says, "nobody pays me in trident layers." totally.

laura d said...

oh and your belly makes me want to RUB RUB RUB-A-DUB it!! Coooome out baby!

Rachel said...

You guys are all adorable! I think that dress is really cute - getting exciting!!! Soon you'll have three! I can't believe it!

Madeline blew her candles out early too . . . maybe it runs in the family!

It sure is fun to see videos!

Rachel said...

ps- I LOVE the cake! And I seriously can't believe you have a five year old. He is just darling and so grown up. Wow, I totally need to see you guys again . . .

Stephanie said...

haha- LOVE the video! i got to see my internet friend LIVE! well almost live. what a treat. and what a perfect little boy birthday! storing this away to copy someday. thanks!

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

This may be the best video on the planet. And yours may be the best boys on the planet. And that cake may be the best cake on the planet. And I may utterly love you.

Happy birthday, my little buddy Benson!!!!!

Diana said...

oh man, that "ok." banks stole the show on that one. i relate to the letter h. and happy birthday benson!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Your bump is darling! Thanks for your comment on my blog, its just what I needed to hear and its just what we did today... he is down for a nap right now but I just wanted to thank you!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

When I was 5 I wanted to a dolphin when I grew up. Smart kid you've got there.

Caity said...

What a sweet little man he is! Happy belated Birthday bud!