Sunday, March 14, 2010

brought to you by sunday afternoon naps and guard duty




2 types of popcorn + one really terrible movie somehow still = the perfect friday night in

Have you seen Where the Wild Things Are? Worst. Movie. Ever. More than once I wanted to just turn it off and just read the book already. Maybe you liked it better than I did, though?


boo face mcjones said...

really?!? worst movie ever? it was by no means the best movie ever, but didn't you at least chuckle at the "that was my FAVORITE arm!" moment? (i will leave my thoughts on the movie at that for now, but i did enjoy it.)

in other news, i have always wanted to know how to make homemade caramel corn. maybe one day you could share the love? because it looks delicious.

Trisha said...

I have not heard ONE positive review from a friend yet. Thats rough. Don't think I will be seeing it anytime soon. Miss you!

Megan said...

Horrrrrrible. Isn't that sad? It's bad enough when you waste your time and moola on a horrible flick, but when it could have been and SHOULD have been AWESOME, it's even more heartbreaking. Sigh. I dragged poor Sonny to this in the theater and we left early...and wanted to shoot ourselves. Double sigh.

LOVE love love that photo of the boys though, Carrie. Darling!

Carrie said...


True confession: I stopped watching after we met the owl twins. Ben chuckled at one point and I'm pretty sure it was about the arm. I saw the last 10 minutes and I was like, "dude, did that guy always have a stick for an arm?" haha

And megan hit it on the nose. I should probably change that to most disappointing movie ever.

Carrie said...

OH. AND. I think I might have given the movie more of a chance had I seen it in a difference context, but for me it was like a supercharged emotional tornado, and not something I was real comfy with the kids watching. I got teary eyed right in the beginning and I could see the children getting stressed at the intensity of Max's emotions.

Stephanie said...

still havent seen it yet! feel so left out. even if it is the worst- i haaaave to see it!

melissa said...

stephanie, you are funny.

the popcorn and company sounds good to me, and that's really the reason for movie nights anyway. i don't even like movies anymore! i get bored after an hour on the dot every time. it's pathetic. that's why i watch so many gilmore girls dvds. 45 minutes is perfect.

as for this specific movie, nate really disliked it, but i was prepared for it to be not awesome. how could it be? i didn't think it was awesome, just like i had planned.