Friday, April 2, 2010

one a penny, two a penny

Hot cross buns.

Happy Good Friday to everyone, and a very Happy Easter!

We will be doing lots of this:


Emmy said...

mmm that first picture look soo good!

west's said...

that song will forever remind me of Mrs. Halstrom

those look delish. i can just smell them looking at the picture.

& to your comment from like 2 months ago - yes when I saw your post on Disneyland - i thought - we probably could have been there at the same time. maybe we walked past each other & didn't even realize it!! it's for sure my favorite place in the world - especially with the kidlets.

good luck with your moving - maybe it will put you into labor.

Pam said...

I think we're going for the cinnamon rolls (conference tradition) but your hot cross buns look inviting. Have tons of fun. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

ok... i i just caught up with your life on here. So many amazing things happening!! You are such a cute little pregnant woman! and, more importantly... I HATED where the wild things are.