Thursday, September 16, 2010



Look at that face! Pure joy I tell you!

Even Nosy Posy came to get a look

Banks has started to look longingly at the fish at Walmart, so to appease his fish desire (but not actually commit to keeping something else alive...) we made this little aquarium for preschool the other day a la made by joel.

It's nice that Banks is finally getting old enough to enjoy some art projects cause I can only take so much cars and trains play. Barbies on the other hand.... haha good thing I don't have girls because i wouldn't get anything done for all the dolls and Barbies playing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

um i'm like hyper from sleep folks

So hyper in fact that I just posted this with no actual content. Just the title. Ahhhhhh i feel like I'm hyped up on energy drinks or something but in faaaaaaaact:

I'm sleeping at night!

And so is Roman!

And I'm giddy with energy!

It's so awesome!

And he's cute and I have photos to prove it:




Thursday, September 9, 2010

a book penned by ben, as dictated by banks

Banksy's book
"Dad-e" (given to Dad by Benson)

Banksy's book

Banksy's book
"Is going to"

Banksy's book
"Punch your face"

Notice how I get smilier as the photos go... makes me laugh every time.

"Punch you in the face" is the go-to line around the house these days. And sadly, I find it hilarious almost every time someone says it. hahah I shouldn't be encouraging it but it's just so dang hilarious to hear coming out of their little mouths.

For example last night's post bed-time exchange:

Banks (wandering out into the living room after being put to bed): Benson said he's going to punch me in the face.

Me: Benson, don't tell Banks you are going to punch him in the face. It makes him feel bad!

Benson: But Mooooooom! I'm just making a deal with him! I told him if he doesn't give my CTR ring back right now, I'm going to punch him in the face when I get up in the morning, but if he gives it back I won't! That's fair!

Me (laughing so hard but trying not to): Ben, you need to go in there and explain the significance of threatening to punch his brother in the face over a CTR (Choose The Right) ring because if I go in there I'm gonna laugh and they'll never learn.

Why is this so funny to me? It kills me.

And yes, I have tons of bangs (fringe) now. My hair was postnatally falling out by the handful and it called for drastic measures. Plus, fall just says "bangs" to me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

this is what i am doing

Doesn't Roman's hair look like a toupee? That kid has SO MUCH hair!

Sometimes, just for a brief moment, I forget what I'm doing here. I'm not furthering a career, I'm not biding my time until all the kids are gone and I can do my own things. I really believe I am doing the most important work of my life right this minute, and when I remember that I truly love my life. I saw this magazine on Design Mom today and this quote from there struck me to the core:

Our lives are the sum
Of each moment and interaction.
Each day we work, eat, laugh, teach, play, read, remember...
And work at it all again the next day.

Within seemingly small moments we find opportunity
To build relationships, develop character, find joy
For the price of our time.

Life's most essential possibilities are realized at home.

Where we share, teach, grow, learn, serve, give
Our best without praise or fanfare.
Because every effort, every moment matters
In the development of a person.
Nothing is really routine.

-Seeing The Everyday

What a true and beautiful statement.