Friday, July 1, 2011

gotta git down on friday

We are all putting on our dancing shoes cause it's friday night! Date night, woo hoo!

Of note:
1. He makes his own music to dance to.
2. The shoulder shake is his signature move.
3. Benson is embarrassed about being in his undies. Don't tell him you saw this.
4. Yesterday was thursday. Today it is friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Sunday comes after thaaaat.
5. Happy weekend!


Stephanie said...

Ah! I had to watch that more than once. That should shake kills me! HA!

Pam said...

I want to attest to the fact that all your boys have "moves." Man, can they boogie down, strut their stuff and do thar thang! Cuteness!!!

laura d said...

des needs some dance lessons. The most we get now is a few bounces when he rocks out on his guitar. its pretty cute but man, Roman has him beat!

Rachel said...

Very cute! I love little dancers, and Roman is a good one indeed!