Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I wanted the $5 swim shorts from Zara, but they don't ship so I had to improvise with some swim fabric from Joann's. Ship to the us already, Zara!

Sometimes Ben and I are pretty good parents.

But most of the time we are crazy.

This summer we decided our children's unwillingness to put their faces in the water was reeeediculous and so we've spent the summer torturing bribing them to take baby steps toward our olympic swimming dreams for them.

Bribe 1: Get in the pool or I'll throw you in. (We ended up throwing at least one of them)

Bribe 2: Try putting your face in the water or I'll take you under myself. ( can probably imagine)

Bribe 3: Jump in for a square of chocolate (Lots of prodding but eventual success!)

Bribes 4- 793: Swim, dangit, Swim!

And at the end of the summer, we have two swimmers, and two boys who want speedos so they can swim with more "freedom."

I've always heard you shouldn't force your kids to do things before they are ready, but after this summer I'm not sure... It seems to have worked pretty well. :)


Stephanie said...

AHHH his little swimsuit kills me! hahahaha I love it. And we also forced Ambrose to just put his dang face in the water like a man this summer... cuz that's what men do? Anyway, we forced the child with favorable results as well. Here's to forcing our kids to do more things! Cheers!

melissa said...

haha. i'll remember this parenting lesson. i think i'll try to force calv to be a millionaire.

Pam said...

If only children came with their own, very specific instructions. Life would be so much easier. I bet you and Ben learned more this summer than they did. Ha! And they have become little adorable fishes. So fun!

Anonymous said...

If only I could make this work with potty training. I think that our kids need a little bit of force sometimes. So kudos to you. I can't wait to see their mad swimming skillz!!! AHHHH I can't wait to see you!!!!

Sara said...

Oh, this was so funny. I am all about using some force now and then! Intervention, baby!