Friday, October 12, 2007

balloon flopesta

here is a picture of what we were supposed to see.

So we got tickets to go to the night launch at the Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque. One of Ben's many commanders took pity on his lowly airman state and gave us these $100 a person tickets for free! Wow. It seems like Ben is always getting someone's pity perks at work. Anyway we were SO excited because the balloons glow and apparently it is amazing but, alas, we shall never know. It took us an hour to get there and when we got there they announced that there would be no balloons tonight-- too much wind. I should point out that when we went in the morning last year the same thing happened. Evidently we were not meant to ever see balloons in the air. Plus the dinner they served was all seafood. Poor Ben! I enjoyed it though.


melissa said...

you look like you're smirking secretly to yourself.

Melissa Lasley said...

Too bad you didn't get to see the balloons, that would have been really cool. But free seafood is good any day of the week.
Melissa Lasley