Monday, October 8, 2007

it's interesting

how many of the Tracy children seem to be having spiritual breakthroughs at the same time. I love to read about the things that the cousins are doing and saying and I'd like to add our own recent sweet experience. We have been reading the scriptures nightly for a few months now and lately we've really started to wonder if anything at all is sinking in. A few nights ago we read about when Christ comes in the BOM and baptizes people. After we finished reading Benson said, "Daddy, I want to be baptized too." Not that he really understands what it means to be baptized, but it really meant a lot to two parents who have wrestled with this child for months now during scripture time. He might have actually been paying attention every once in a while. Benson is also quite a scholar on who and what gets burned in the BOM. Abinadi is his all-time favorite story. Kind of scary.


Megan said...

Oh my gosh. Could he be more BOY??? I love him SO much!

So do you guys (or anyone out there) have any good tips on how to get your little monkeys to actually listen to scripture time? We try the storybook versions with the pictures, but they still aren't exactly soaking it up. We've tried acting things out as we go, but sometimes that's a total flop too. (And sometimes I SO wish we had a video camera hidden away somewhere because that can get really hilarious... which is probably why there is a place reserved for me in Hell.) Do you think it's bad to focus on memorizing a scripture for family scripture study or do you think you have to read through? I just don't know. I'd love to hear what you and everyone else thinks though. Great topic.

Carrie said...

I think memorizing is a great idea! Ben was thinking of starting to have Benson memorize the articles of faith. If reading through the scriptures is a requirement then we are in trouble. Benson mostly likes to read the stories with fire in them (we do the picture one's too) so we let him choose most nights and supplement with the other stories every few nights. He usually also stays around for our couple scripture study so he actually hears from the scriptures although I'm sure he doesn't actually absorb anything there. Anyway good luck with that. If there wasn't so much fire and wars and cutting off of arms I think we'd have lost benson a long time ago. Too bad the don't also have stories about fairies and dancing princesses and flowers in the BOM.