Sunday, March 23, 2008


Benson collecting eggs in the sea of rocks called our backyard

Banks was so excited this is the only time he sat still long enough for a picture

Benson pretty much lived on cloud 9 yesterday. He got to dye eggs, then take a 20 minute nap only to wake up and discover that the Easter Bunny had left him a basket full of candy eggs and also hid eggs all over the yard. He was seriously so excited. These are sadly the only pictures we have from the event, but we have some lovely video footage of it all. We need a live-in camera crew, I swear. Anyway then today after church we let the chickens into their new yard to hang out for a while and enjoy the sun. Both the children and the chickens thought it was great.


Megan said...

How fun!!! Have a wonderful Easter, you amazing family!

mandakay said...

sounds like fun!! the rocks in your yard still crack me up. lol HAPPY EASTER GUYS. we love you

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration! Looks like Benson and Banks both enjoyed it very much. We miss you guys!

Abby said...

I saw some awesome toy snake and turtle eggs that you hatch in water at the BYU bean museum. I thought about sending some to Benson, but realized I would probably never actually make it to the post office.
It looks like Benson thoroughly enjoyed himself!